I’m Retiring From The Garage

It’s been a really long time (5 months) since i’ve posted anything on the garage and personally i’ve been busy and things are growing outside of here and this blog that i’ve created way back in 2009 how now comes to the end (for now).

I would like to say thanks for all those who read the posts, became friends and those guys who liked screwing around with everyone (i’m sure i’ve missed a hell a lot of messages of thanks).

I know most of you would like to know whom i really am but i hoping we can keep the mystery going for a while longer.


The Garage/Mr X

News: The Garage

During the next coming months The Garage will be going under the mircoscope as we will be editing most of the site pages and post.

First things we will be editing are the link pages to include new sites and remove some old ones that don’t work anymore.

Check back here to see what have been changed.

Whats been changed:
– Remove PixelCars.net which was mangacars polish (if i remember correctly) from Pixel Car Forum page
– Changed Fry Imaging from WP to his new(now old) tumblr site from The Garage Friends page

updated 4th Feb 2012

The Garage wishes you a very Happy New Year!

As the year draws to an end, we’d like to take this chance to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! Thanks for supporting The Garage during 2011,  like you’ve done consistently now for over 2 years. I promise to deliver more about pixel cars in 2012!

We wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for what will be without doubt an amazing year.

Thanks again for all the amazing support to each of you!

Did You Know About PCL

If you are member of Pixel Car Life you better had to get your profile ready for porting you got under 1 or so weeks until pixelcarlife.com get shut down, unless you don’t know what that means, it means that PCL is moving to a new site but if you still don’t know i could take a hint that you haven’t read that email been sent or haven’t decided to move on to the new game site or didn’t even know about.

If you didn’t know about it login into pcl apply to get moved over (follow on how to etc edit your game profile etc…..) all the important on how to etc is on their website. How ever i won’t post the new site address at this present time.



I would like to say thanks.

I missed something about everyone favorite buddy mr Tony G Couchman (i nearly forgot what his name was), but thanks to a certain person who will be unnamed within this post. Mr Couchman or (Tony) was recentley had another account banned from Pixel Car Life, he was under the name of victata.



Now for the news The Garage will be coming back regularly that I normal have been lately (5+ months) more in the new year and will be looking for some reporters(writers) who are willing to do some free reporting(writing) in this site.

Thanks PCA

This is a thank you post for the members of Pixel Car Art to give the site a view, Now i seen that you have posts some questions i want to give you answers on here. for you enjoyment and pondering i will post the member and the question etc here but not all of them.

Q: Henrique. – Who is the moderator of this blog?
A: Let’s say due the “popularity” of this site and don’t call me a pussy for hiding who i am, but do you really care hopefully you don’t take that the wrong way.
Q:AndrewGMC – some good ass bases
Q:J.red – whoever it is, they have an account here. They have my rims posted that I posted on here a long time ago. Back when I made that hsv tune.
A:Thanks i did post some of the rims you made and i may have found them somewhere else but i do have an account on PCA but nothing relative to The Garage/Mr X etc.
Q:Faяaп. – Lol Tony Couchman…. I remember that guy ;p
A: I feel the same thing each time he does something wrong.
Q:Kubason – actually, I think I am there on the list, too, just don’t remember my nick, lol
A: you may be on it
Q: Helmasaur King – Very cool, that guy probably is donotcover
A: I think this is pointed at this blog but i can tell you and anyone else who thinking this blog by Tony is complete wrong, i partly hate the little f#%ker, in the past he tried to act nice and lately tried again but he screw too many people over, he may have changed but it’s too late.

credits all questions are by the each invidiual member who posted it on pixelcarart.com

Letting You Know That Mr Couchman Is Back.

Just a friendly hello and mentioning that everyone favourite Couch MAN or Tony as he is known as is back active, I knew about him a while back thanks to an awesome comment. Hopefully this is the last time for a while again but it’s seem that he is actually doing some of the right things in the community.

If you wanting to know where he is and what username he goes under here is a cryptic sentence/puzzle to solve.

I know you like Linkin Park as one of your favourite bands, you may also like Spike Lee movies I don’t know, some people tell you to GTfO at least now you liking more japanese cars instead of american trucks and ice and I hope you like being in the world of pixel cars.

Hopefully people gets it, don’t attack him, he might just want to actually pay. I’m just informing you that he is around and I’m not trying to start anything like in the past but if Tony likes to start you can finish on your own (most of the time though). 

The Garage is creeping back to life.

As in a pervious post on this site that We (The Garage) are coming back but suddenly when I said that, I’ve carefully stepped down for a while longer (a month or so) to focus on other major things in my life. So now I’m coming back on “part-time” basis and what a great time to start with this D’bag named ChevyLady doing all this things to use a better word and who I know more information that i want to give out at this present time

If you want to report anything pixel cars you can use the contact form by clicking here and all the information will only be seen by myself and no one else or even just email me at pixel.cars@yahoo.com the address is in bold and before anyone tries any stupid things that address doesn’t belong to anything that is related to any pixel car rpg, pixel car forums or even this site, it’s dedicated to your reports, news etc and nothing else at this time.

The Garage Is Coming Back Soon

After a few months off, to focus on other interest I would that The Garage will be coming back with all things pixel cars only thing that I ask is for you to give the site a bit of breathing room to get back into posting.

We would love to hear back suggestions about improving the site.

Some ideas on the way are:

  • giving you the regular visitors a chance to write your own piece of pixel car related topics
  • posting pixel car bases (we’ve always done this)
  • promoting the “pixel car” industry to the new blood (since I’ve seen it getting dead)
  • Hunting down cheaters – we won’t be hunting the good old Tony Couchman that often but i do have a piece of news if you would like to be his friend.
  • Change  the site topics, categories and pages around, promoting the site but personally will talk to forum, sites of pixel cars.
  • We may move to a new blog address but this hasn’t been finalized as of yet.
I know i have one vulnerability in this post and it is pomoting the site and about talk to site owners etc. But i will be telling you who I’ve talked to, so no one can fake and be me because I will be open to who the garage are talking only if their (the site owner/s, staff members) who like their info on here.

We Still Kicking


now i’ve got your attention.

Just a quick note, that this site is still active, I’ve just been really busy outside the whole Pixel Car Community to contribute new articles and implementing ideas I had. So this site is still active but not high on my list of things to do, i wish i could have some more time during the day at this present time but i don’t


Still check in if you want comment this post if you to have your say about anything in the pixel car community.